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Fugaces labuntur anni. 歳月人を待たず

This blog page is designed by Seishi Ono,NPO CCC-TIES Japan.
He was born in October 13, 1953 in Tokyo, Japan and has lived in Tokyo for over 60 years. He graduated from Faculty of Economics of Musashi University in 1977. He also has a Master of Management Systems Science at Graduate School of Systems Management, Tsukuba University Japan.
His interests are online education such as MOOCs, and the Internet and operation technology. He is also interested in the distributed artificial intelligence, the machine learning systems, knowledge based systems and knowledge communities.
His favorite things to do is playing Shogi (Japanese Chess, not "GO") and eating delicious Japanese foods like sashimi and sushi. That means his is a typical Japanese old boy! He welcomes to communicate with any countries' friends through the Internet.
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